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Borgo Maragliano

2019 Giovanni Galliano Brut Rose VSQ

2019 Giovanni Galliano Brut Rose VSQ

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Grape variety: 

100% PINOT NOIR fermentation in stainless steel tanks


Upon arrival in the cellar, the Pinot Noir grapes are left to macerate for about five to eight hours at a temperature of 7-8 °C. This is followed by soft pressing to favour the extraction of the must which, characterised by a pretty pink colour, begins its first alcoholic fermentation. Upon completion of fermentation, the wine is drawn off the lees and left at mature in stainless steel tanks for about eight months. In the April of the year after harvest, the resulting Pinot Noir is bottled and, after dosage and the immediate addition of yeast, undergoes second fermentation. At the end of this process, which creates the characteristic foam, the wine continues to mature on lees for about 36 months. Then the “riddling” and “disgorging” operations prepare it for consumption.

Tasting notes:

Soft pink colour brought to life by a very fine perlage. Very evident notes of flowers, strawberry, raspberry and aromatic sensations. The palate is deliciously fleshy and savoury, with a crisp structure but an elegant and smooth finish full of fruit.

Gastronomic pairings:

Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs well with charcuterie, shellfish and white meat. Excellent with foie-gras on toast.

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