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Borgo Maragliano

2016 Dogma Blanc De Noir Millesime VSQ

2016 Dogma Blanc De Noir Millesime VSQ

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Grape variety:

100% PINOT NOIR fermentation in stainless steel tanks


DOGMA, the name summarises our firm belief and philosophy that Pinot Noir is, and will always be, an extraordinary grape that gives us great wines. The Pinot Noir grapes used in the production of Dogma require particular attention during the final ripening phases in the vineyard. It is necessary to thin the bunches on the vine. Precise selection before harvesting is essential in order to achieve a light colour and reasonably high acidity, conveying longevity to the wine in the bottle. No sulphites are added to the must obtained from the soft pressing of the Pinot Noir grapes, which is clarified by means of static fining, stripping it almost entirely of its colouring substances. The wine is bottled in the April of the year after harvest and, after dosage and the immediate addition of yeast from the batch, it undergoes second fermentation. At the end of this process, which creates the characteristic foam, the wine continues to mature on lees for about 36 months.

Tasting notes:

A fine and intense perlage and persistent foam generate a flurry of colours ranging from greenish yellow to the copper nuance typical of a sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir grapes. The olfactory panorama is elegant and precious with notes of musk, humus and citrus fruits mixed with hints of brushwood, tobacco, leather and notes of eucalyptus. An elegantly balanced, rich, full palate with a foam that envelops despite the fact that this is a pas-dosé sparkling wine. An explosive finish with a vinous vein elevates it without question to the status of Auteur Wine.

Gastronomic pairings:

Excellent as an aperitif or for raising a toast at any time of day, it delicately accompanies soups, shellfish, white meats and fresh cheeses.

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