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Borgo Maragliano

2017 Cuvee Germana Beltrame Brut Nature VSQ

2017 Cuvee Germana Beltrame Brut Nature VSQ

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Grape variety:

100% CHARDONNAY fermentation in stainless steel tanks


The evolution of the spirit and soul... a wine generated by several vintages that age in the cellar in stainless steel tanks before being drawn off. An expression of the nobility generated by a magical grape variety which, after years of ageing, is capable of bewitching, pleasing and surprising. The sum of several vintages vinified and aged separately and then blended on the basis of their characteristics just before beginning a long period of 36 months’ bottle-ageing. A challenge to the last breath, putting soil, vine and man’s ability to interpret them to the test. While in the bottle, the wine undergoes evolutions alternating with involutions, generated by the different vintages used to make up the Cuvée. Acidity, mineral content, aromatic and polyphenolic notes in a magical combination capable of captivating the mind. A Brut Nature obtained from the combination of young and pungent vintages with older, much more evolved vintages capable of honouring and respecting the Chardonnay cultivar.

Tasting notes:

A fine and intense perlage with a persistent foam accompany a pale straw colour with some greenish highlights. The structured bouquet features sensations of fruit, aromatic herbs and honey which bring out the true nature of the Chardonnay grape. The delicious entry makes it very seductive and harmonious as it lingers on the palate. The remarkable flavour of this Blanc de Blancs expresses the true characteristics of a great grape grown in a very hostile terroir.

Gastronomic pairings:

Perfect on its own or as an aperitif accompanied by shellfish, raw fish, soups and fresh cheeses.

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