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2016 Peteglia Sangiovese Riserva Montecucco DOCG 3l Jerobom*

2016 Peteglia Sangiovese Riserva Montecucco DOCG 3l Jerobom*

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100% Sangiovese, the DOCG Montecucco Peteglia Sangiovese Riserva wine is produced with grapes from approximately 35-year-old vineyards. Extreme thinning and selection of the grapes, late harvest, long macerations of about 2 months at a controlled temperature, refinement of 36 months in large Slavonian oak barrels and finally refinement of about 12 months in the bottle: these are the fundamental characteristics for producing wine Sangiovese Reserve. Not every year it is possible to give life to this wine: only the years with particularly ideal and favorable climatic conditions allow its creation.

It is a meditation wine, very elegant, with an intense ruby ​​red color, with great balsamic and ethereal notes, and extreme softness and persistence on the palate.

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