2016 Margherita Nizza DOCG
2016 Margherita Nizza DOCG

Cascina Garitina

2016 Margherita Nizza DOCG

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Barbera 100%

Neuvsent is a project that started long ago, before the Nizza DOCG was born. From the separate harvest of the three vineyards that grow on very different soils, three Nizza are born that are equal in soul but different in structure. They contain the memories of an ancient world but they also know how to tell the present and look to the future. Drinking Gianluca's 3 Nizza, one feels the overbearing hand of him guided by a story that has deep roots but knows how to skilfully move towards the future.

Margherita was born from the first vineyard that great-grandmother Margherita started working in the distant 1900s; it grows on a crumbly white marl which gives it balance right from the juvenile stage. Nizza Margherita is closed with the Korked screw cap with controlled oxygen permeability.