2020 Castagnio Syrah Cortona DOC
2020 Castagnio Syrah Cortona DOC

Fabrizio Dionisio

2020 Castagnio Syrah Cortona DOC

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“Castagnino” is the younger brother of our symbol wine (Il Castagno). It is made only from grapes cultivated in our vineyards, with very low yields per hectare (40 q. from 5.000 vines), strictly selected all over the year, particularly before and during the harvest, hand picked (usually from mid-September) into small 15 kg. boxes with ventilation holes.

It is a fresh and fruity wine, the flavour profile with notes of plum, juniper berries, floral and pleasantly herbaceous hints. In the mouth it is tasty, fragrant and balanced, has good structure and good concentration, soft tannins, combined with lively and pleasant acidity.

It intends to be a friendly, easily drinkable but not standardized, very original tuscan and terroir driven Syrah, made with simple, ethical and ecofriendly viticultural methods and winemaking processes, in accordance with the best “technological craftsmanship”.