Brachetto D'Acqui Spumante DOCG
Brachetto D'Acqui Spumante DOCG
Brachetto D'Acqui Spumante DOCG


Brachetto D'Acqui Spumante DOCG

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100% Brachetto.

Pineto hill, Strevi.

After crushing, grapes are macerated on the skins for 3 to 4 days in order to extract the desired color; the juice is then clarified and aged in stainless steel tanks at 0 degrees C until ready for the second fermentation that takes place in temperature- controlled pressurized tanks up to 4 atmospheres.

Tasting notes:
Delicate ruby red, sweet and sparkling with fine bead, it expresses the elegant aromas of roses and raspberries, typical of the Brachetto grape. Aromatic, delicate and harmonious on the palate.

Perfect with strawberries, red fruit, fruit salad, all kinds of desserts or just great to relax with anytime. Ideal in the preparation of cocktails and refreshing, thirst-quenching drinks.

Serving suggestions:
Open and serve at 8° C.