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Fabrizio Dionisio

"Bolla Galeotta" Sparkling Rosé Syrah Tuscany IGT Ancestral Method

"Bolla Galeotta" Sparkling Rosé Syrah Tuscany IGT Ancestral Method

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After having experimented for a couple of years with different methods of vinification of our Syrah grapes, starting with the classic method, the "accursed" bubbles have bewitched me too. In particular, I was conquered by the last, in my opinion the most successful and convincing experiment, that is the vinification with the ancestral method, which gave us a fun and amused bubble of Syrah, what the French call Pét Nat, i.e. pétillant naturel , sparkling natural.

They harvested well in advance (even before the harvest for the production of Rosa del Castagno) a selected batch of our grapes, and we vinified it in white, by crushing and destemming and subsequent soft pressing.

 Once the fermentation was monitored, when we verified that the quantity of residual sugar in the must was more or less the one that would have guaranteed us the right dose of carbon dioxide and, therefore, effervescence at the end of the transformation of sugars into alcohol, we bottled the wine ( with its indigenous yeasts , which remain on the bottom of the bottle, which is why this type of wine is called " col fondo " or " sur lie ") which has continued and finished the fermentation inside the bottle, releasing the much desired bubbles .

I was surprised by the pleasantness expressed by this sparkling (…in every sense!) interpretation of our Syrah, which certainly won't make Champagne producers sleepy but intends to offer, to those who have the curiosity to taste it, the chance to savor an unusual expression of the vine, a friendly bubble, fine and delicate, sincere and natural, drinkable and convivial, expansive and cordial but never homologated or pimping.

 Capable of bewitching and seducing ... I hope you too, as well as a book, also "convict", made with Dante's young lovers, Paolo and Francesca.

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